The absolute height of coolness, sexiness and just downright awsomeness.
Teddy: Hey tom, if you keep this up you might just become a jimmy!
Tom: Nah, man I've still got a way long way to go before I can be that cool.
作者 THE KING OF JIMMYS 2009年6月28日
to fix something using some shrewd ingenuity
when the tv stopped working, rob said 'don't worry, i'm sure i can jimmy something up!'
作者 t dogg 2005年10月06日
term used for condoms

"Yo Seth look whos buying Jimmys" - Sex Drive
作者 Boat House 2009年4月30日
to know to rock and roll. angelic, bold, charming, stud muffin. The man.
Jimmy helps his neighbors out with thier heavy loads after thier shopping trip.
作者 europopian 2009年5月07日
A reference to a particular type of Sprinkle, namely, Chocolate Sprinkles
I don't want rainbow sprinkles, I want some Jimmies
作者 steve 2005年3月03日
The name of anyone in Scotland.
Jimmy: A'right jimmy
Jimmy(2): Aye
作者 Blinkey99 2006年10月05日
man with super human like strength and kindness to match. Also has innate knowledge on how to fix things including but not limited to HVAC, Life, Love, and the Universe. He is very sweet but do not let him know this because he has to uphold his tough guy image.
My life is in ruins I wish I had a Jimmy to make everything better.
作者 soright81 2010年3月03日



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