A pretty man whose really Harry Potter in disguise.
Oh that's a pretty man... Maybe he's a Joe!


We're all just blown away by that Joe's hotness.
作者 Chrispineismine 2010年12月06日
a sexy blonde haired blue eyed guy who treats girls with respect and is an amazing kisser , hes the most beautiful man on earth!
girl1: hey, look at that new kid walking down the hallway, hes sexy!

girl2: oh, he must be a joe
作者 greeeeen 2009年9月16日
A Person Who is Kind, Amazing, Full of Love. He may have multicoloured Pee and is Going out with the oreo Kid.
Woow Joe Is Really Awesome
I Know i love him.
作者 heheYouKnowWhoItIs 2009年5月15日
Small and insignificant manchild who will third wheel your dates and skype calls, but will buy coffee with you in the mornings from the coffee chain he's sold his soul to.
Oh my god Joe you little shit
作者 thepotatofaminist 2015年5月31日
Funny, sometimes acts gay, can get on your nerves, smart but acts like a dumbass.
"Stop being a Joe"
"You're a Joe"
作者 xX1nsan1tyXx 2015年4月10日
A bald white guy at the foundry
Has anybody seen Joe, where's Joe
作者 yungbasedmarco 2014年9月14日
A guy named Joe is guaranteed to have a fucking huge cock. 'Nuff said.
"You see Joe there? He has a ginormous dong"
作者 Totally Not Joe 2012年10月01日



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