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To be stabbed.
"Get jooked with a spike!"
作者 Kadava 2003年9月25日
jooked means stabbed
"dat bwaii got jooked in tha leg"
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作者 ^-^ 2006年4月15日
Verb. To be stabbed by an African-American of middle-class descent. Commonly followed by a stereotypical gangsta phrase, such as "cut you mo-fugga!!".
*white person walking down street, gets stabbed by black man*
Black Man: cut you mo-fuggahhhh!!!
White Guy: *cries* oh god!
Random Black bypasser: oh shit! you got jooked son!
#jooked #mo-fugga #jook #stab #cut
作者 Jimmy 'The Mammoth' Hernes 2006年12月26日
in cricketing terms on a saturday league game, it means to be given out by an umpire from the same team when it should not have been out
harry afzal: yo butty how many runs did u make today
imran butt: bruv the umpire fuking jooked me and i got a golden. im gona shank him in the car park after the game, you backing it?
Harry :nah man if u get jooked, its a mina ting get me, youll get a 50 next week.
#cricket #sport #lbw #jooked #shanked
作者 jim anthonyg 2008年7月10日


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