slang term for the city of Kenosha in the state of Wisconsin
I was born in K-town, but now I live in Milwaukee.
作者 missy 2004年12月12日
slang word used to refer to Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the Vols, the Tennessee River, and thousands of bums world renowned for their patented technique.
You want to go to school in k-town? Its just a drinking town with a football problem!
作者 Zeter D. 2004年4月06日
Kalihi Hawaii...
where all da bangahz, scrappahz, live.

forget the other wannabe k towns.

dawg, where you repin??

-Straight up K Town
作者 k-town kingz 2008年7月25日
A slick term for Kirkland, Washington
Representin' K-town!
作者 Kristen 2005年2月16日
Knoxville, Tennessee.
"Im about to lay the smackdown in K-town"
作者 Dirtycannibal 2005年1月30日
Kansas City slang for weed
Aye nigga, i got that k-town
作者 tina 2004年12月17日
The nickname for possibly the coolest town ever. Kailua, Hawaii. Commonly used by very cool people. Often used in conjuction with a form of the slang verb: to cruise.
Ho. Like go cruise k town?
作者 Evan Weber and Taylor Caster 2006年10月28日


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