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part of the phase "Kit and Kaboodle," meaning "everything and all of everything," down to the last kitten.
Get the whole kit and kaboodle.
作者 bj 2005年4月01日
It is a word of no meaning whatsoever.

Made by DoctorYerishi for no apparent reason,but to spam.

Used much on forums to increase your post count.
Two people are talking, but after a while they run out of things to say, one of them will then just shout out KABOODLE to keep the conversation going.

Or, two people are talking, then a third party pops in and says KABOODLE, with no other reason but to spam or be annoying.
作者 Quazzy 2004年12月11日
the thing that comes with the whole kit and much more.
The whole kit and kaboodle
作者 blonde4sweet1 2007年2月13日
The act of team-killing in the online video game "Halo" with your bros.
作者 Bro McMandude 2011年10月28日
When a man inserts his penis into a long piece of feces and runs around a public place naked, with the feces on his dick.
Another kid just did performed a kaboodle today at school.
作者 ov_grimness 2009年5月14日
Buttox, Butt, Booty, Ass.
My kaboodle seriously hurts, because I fell on it :)
作者 allia 2007年6月11日
A lot. A whole bunch. A large amount.
I had kaboodles of fun today.
作者 SwirledFruit 2012年1月24日


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