Kenneth is the street name from Ketamine.
Where's Kenneth?
作者 Frogbox. 2009年9月03日
A nerd who has some badass moments.
And is heavily influenced by a grade eight.
Grade Eight : That guy called me an LG.
Fuck him !

Kenneth : Fuck you.
作者 Grade eight 2008年12月18日
Half a pint of british 'bitter', such as John Smiths or Tetley's. Named after Ken Barlow in the UK soap, Coronation Street for what he orders at the bar.
Barman: What y'havin?
Customer: Um... a kenneth please!
作者 Mark Quaile 2007年11月26日
A slang term for Ketamine
Hey Andy, will Kenneth be at the party tonight?
作者 Ketmister 2006年8月02日
To be gay or to be "Brokeback"
"Dude, dont be kenneth about it"
"I think that guy is Kenneth, cause i saw him in Hillcrest"
作者 Funky Rider 2006年6月08日



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