Top Definition
1. alternative spelling of keister and keester.

2. Ass
3. Guy who is an ass
4. Guy who has a dick stuck so far up his ass that he thinks that Kiester is a town in Minnesota or a last name.
1. I kicked him in the kiester.
2. I kicked his kiester so hard that he flew over the moon.
3. That kiester is an ass of a guy.
4. That kiester thinks that I just called him a town in Minnesota
#ass #keester #butt #asshole #anal #keister #bottom #jerk
作者 Ekrons 2012年11月28日
2 Words related to Kiester
A town in Minnesota and also a last name.
I walked through Kiester, Minnesota yesterday!
#kiester #minnesota #city #last name #keister
作者 kontry 2011年2月18日


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