slang for the drug ketamine
Hey bro do you have any kitty?
作者 scumdogg 2011年1月12日
1.Y'allucky Im running around doing what i do or else i would b playing in your wife kitty.
2. Aint no p**sy involved but we the kitty click
作者 C more 2014年2月17日
Slang for vagina
Kitty is another word for pussy
作者 george365 2014年2月13日
a reference to the noises made during sex from the ears of a child.
child: mommy, did we get kiites?
mom: no, why?
child: i heard meowing last night
mom: nope no kitties honey (note to self, remember to come quietly)
作者 emoliy-leuka 2011年4月23日
(kih'-tee) adj. 1. Descriptor for anything containing qualities of joyous facination or splendor.
2. To be cool.
Going over Niagra Falls in a clothes hamper was KITTY, dude! Soon as I get out of jail, I'm totally going again.
作者 I Am DAN! 2006年11月16日
A small furry mammal or the thing a guys penis wants inside of .
Awww that Kitty is so cute
Man that girl has a nice kitty
作者 Kitttymuster111 2011年12月25日
in reference to females, trying to be low about what you doing
yo son you bringing some "Kittys" back to the crib?
作者 nyc22 2010年9月06日



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