Comes from the latin root Lambian, which is a pile of white sheets straight out of the dryer, resembeling what a lamb looks like.
That animal odly resembles a lambian, we shall call it.....a Lamb!
#lamb #lambian #kokua #white #sheets #animal
作者 HatchetSamsHands 2008年10月23日
Look At My Belly: A girl who attempts to emphasize both her boobs and her ass by walking with her waist out and back arched. Unfortunately, all this does is accentuate her overlarge stomach.
Bob: Yo man, is that girl pregnant?
Keith: No, she's just a LAMB
#dirty turtles #mangina #fmbnr #old craig #fugly
作者 d mite 2007年11月02日
1. Derivation of "LAME," used on internet chat forums to indicate the poster's dissatisfaction with the tone or content of a thread.

2. Chutzpah, moxie.

2. Ya got LAMB, kid.
#zean t. #lame #next #who cares #ugh
作者 jeff a. 2006年10月19日
-No Doubt's Gwen Stefani's haute-couture clothing line often influenced by the genre of music she is singing at the time
-Gwen Stefani's sucsessfull debut solo album (singles: What You Waiting For?" "Rich Girl" (ft. Eve) and "Holla Back Girl"
-Stands for Love Angel Music Baby, said to be Stefani's favorite english words
-"Wow the Lamb clothing line is exatcly like the stuff Gwen wears in her music videos"
-"I cant get enough of gwen's LAMB CD! Ilove the song Holla back girl"
作者 Wayne on the school 2005年6月29日
Very timid and workshy(or just workshy?).Unavailable.unused.
作者 Anonymous 2003年4月28日
Very camp or outwardly gay.
With that pink shirt on he looked very lamb!
#sheep #gay #woman #lady #girl
作者 isthisanamethathasntbeenused 2008年3月06日
The part of the stomach that hangs over the waist to the point where it flaps against the body.

Don't ask me where it came from I don't know.

go to youtube and type in "lammb" you'll se what I mean.
Did you see that guy's lamb, he must be at least 400 lbs!
#fat #chubby #obese #grizz #hog
作者 Gambi 2007年6月04日


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