Perpetual/ transcendent hottie.
Damn, I wish I could be a Libby.
作者 es. 2008年2月27日
reely nice and cool girl who always stands up 4 her frends. She helps u get straitners. She proves how "the liar" is a liar and saves sum ppl like m*ichelle
m*ichelle:Libby so nice now i no the truth bout ********
作者 julezers 2005年6月12日
a love bug who is just a lovey to all. children named cough cough enjoy touching her body.
oh my rabbi i love her who is that
i know shes a total libby
作者 UR LOVE 2008年4月29日
Short for the Library
Dude man, let's go to the libby and check some books out!
作者 beetmusic 2008年2月13日
Slang for the library
Dude, let's go to the libby and check out some books!
作者 beetmusic 2008年2月14日
Referring to one's political views, to be a liberal. Far left in political views. Opposite of conservative.
Mom's views are so far left, she's such a libby.
作者 karenage 2007年12月07日
diarrhea. An enormous piece of poop.

has no friends whatsoever
God damnit i hate libbying at school
作者 kelsey madeleine wales 2006年4月17日



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