A verb meaning to drink so much alcohol that one literally loses ones mind and begins to get destructive.
Bob: "Billy! What happened to your apartment? Its trashed!"

Billy: "Carlo came over last night and had so much to drink that he went Lorenzo and trashed the place."
作者 fixed.law 2011年3月14日
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Someone who is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is dedicated and hardworking, and is determined when he sets his mind on things. A Lorenzo will always be there, when the rest of the world turns its back on you. He will be the one to help you in your time of need.
Lorenzo is awesome!
作者 Butterfingers123 2009年6月02日
MC Ren's real name. Lorenzo Patterson.

hence the lyrics from the N.W.A. song.
"You'd rather see me in the pen
Then me and Lorenzo rolling in the Benzo"-from N.W.A.'s Fuck Tha Police
作者 brycefromcali 2007年12月27日
A lorenzo is the smart guy that also is insanely good at sports and basically anything he does. He is the Jack of all traits. He is a born leader with an extreme love for his country. He Looks great in aviator glasses. A lorenzo will most likely be an officer in the military or me a leader in what ever field of work he chooses. Lorenzo is Extremely Italian and loves Italy even if he didn't grow up there. He is very determined, excels in everything he does and is a really nice guy. Will one day become president.
Definition of a leader- Lorenzo
作者 strongarm170 2011年5月21日
Slang term for a set of rims (usually chrome) manufactured by "Lorinser".
Every time I come around yo' city/bling bling/Pinky ring worth about 50/bling bling/Every time I buy a new ride/bling bling/Lorenzos on Yokohama tires/bling bling
作者 acuraracer 2003年7月10日
(n.) The epitome of awesoness
Wow that party lastnight was Lorenzo bruh
作者 psyguy 2014年6月06日
Lorenzo can tend to be a weak ass fuckboy who is usually short and likes to play soccer. Likes to mess with people's minds and often doesnt like a lot of people. Will pretend to like you just to talk about you behind your back. Acts cool when usually aren't and can be mean. Sometimes Lorenzos can be very nice but not around the age 11-13. A bad liar.
Middle Schooler: Hey Lorenzo is such a dick.
Boy: I know you don' want to be like him.
作者 plussycushion 2015年1月23日



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