Max For Max - When players on the Facebook application YoVille max out their coins. One player will max out the others coins if they do the same.
M4M pls, I'm redecorating my apartment.
作者 NeonNationDotNet 2009年10月07日
short for muzik 4 machines, a minimal electro house band from montreal
M4M - jamming with the machines
作者 tba03 2009年1月04日
Message for Message.
Used on MySpace.
Sending messages then in return Getting a messages back.
Related to w4w c4c and pc4pc.
Hey, Sally want to m4m?
作者 Makayla Sheriff 2007年11月20日
Abbreviation for men seeking men in an online chat room.
Chat room name Chicago m4m.
作者 Chris 2003年9月11日



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