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Logan Henderson.
You whore, you are a huge man slut. Go home.
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作者 dflgsod;gjusd 2011年9月05日
A promiscuous male.
Bryan Callen is a man slut. He has admitted on his podcast that he slept with a two hookers for a pair of Nikes. He also brags about getting a lot of pussy. He is a man slut.
#bryan callen #slutty #man whore #urban sausage #easy.
作者 boom boom room 2006年10月19日
A predatory, perpetually single male who spends every minute of every day chasing skirt. This behavior may verge from the passive and cute to the idiotic and destructive.
"Dude, give it a rest, you're such a Manslut..."
#slut #chasing skirts #sex #annoying #predatory
作者 Aedwynn 2005年11月02日
Guys that get around. Yeah, you know who you are!
Erik: I was thinking about asking out this girl, but I've already humped 3 of her friends.
Sean: Gosh Erik, you're such a man slut
Erik: Shut up, Slutty Mc Slutterson. You're one too!
#man whore #man bitch #urban sausage #male prostitute #male hoe
作者 Kay and Robin 2005年11月18日
a heterosexual male who has a girlfriend/fiance, dates 1 or more other women in addition to his significant other, and engages in sexual encounters both in person and online with still other women. furthermore, the man slut usually does not take proper "safe sex" precautions and will blame the females with which he engages for any std's or pregnancies which occur.
bobby, cliff, and boyd were such redneck white trash man sluts that to have sex with them and not catch something, you'd need industrial strength condoms and extra strength lysol w/bleach.
作者 aya 2005年4月14日
Man who has sex with mulitipul women for his personal pleasuer, AKA Ricky combs
James you sure are a man slut for fucking suse last night.
#whore #slut #gigalo #manslut #or rickcombs
作者 ATG Doom CF 2006年8月06日
a man who only wants a girl for her sex and he switches to different girls frequently.
those men at that strip club where such man-sluts.
#slut #woman #strip club #switches #sex
作者 menaresluts 2011年2月26日


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