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The Mandalorians were a cultural group from the Star Wars universe. Mandalaorian culture was militaristic and emphasized honor, personal strength, and bravery. The first Mandalorians were of the Taung race, but as the Mandalorians grew, many other races would join such as the Togorians and humans to name a few. The Mandalorian homeworld was known as Mandalore. Mandalorian military technology was some of the best in the galaxy. Mandalorian armor would inspire the protective technologies of many other civilizations, the Grand Army of the Republic included. The Mandalorian nation eventually waned from it's former glory, but still exists on Mandalore and Concord Dawn under the banner of the Mandalorian Protectors. As of 45 ABY, Boba Fett was Mandalore, and his grand daughter was slated to succeed him.
Kote, mhi vode! - Mandalorian War Cry
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作者 RC1138 2007年5月14日
Adj. Belonging to an ancient warrior race in the Star Wars universe. Extinct for eons. Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter, wears a suit of Mandalorian Armor.
If you fight a Mandalorian, you'd wind up dead.
作者 Caravon Thamin 2003年12月30日
Thee Mandalorians were first known as teh Species of the Taung. Ironically their homeworld was coruscant, the were teh first citizens
the Taung allowed other species to join them, and kept their culture.
Taung are still around but are few in number, but the TAung are not the only Mandalorians, the Mandalorians aren't the blood thirsty people that others talk about
Infact ,the culture is the only one that made since, they lived for tehir family, the kept their language,and they looked after eachother
to be Mando was more then just being a soldier or killer, to be Mando is t be family

Vode An: brothers all
Mandalore teh Ultimate,was a Taung
Mandalore Fett (Jango and Boba) were humans

both lived by theier morals, Both were Mandalorian
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作者 Trojan devildog 2008年10月24日
A |33t Star Wars bounty hunter.
Boba Fett
作者 brahm2 2003年9月28日
Species of Humanoid warriors. Contrary to popular belief, Boba Fett is NOT Mandalorian. He is an untampered clone soldier descended of the clone wars (clone of jengo Fett), 4000 years after the Mandalorian wars and the battle of Malachor, which almost rendered the Mandalorians and Jedi extinct.
The Jedi defeated the Mandalorians at Malachor, only to fall prey to the sith, who planned the whole thing.
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作者 Mandalore 2006年3月09日
The Mandalorians are an extinct group of warriors who believe that true honour comes from the glory of battle. There were many lans of Mandalorians, and one of the most famous was Ordo. The leader of the Mandalorians took the name Mandalore, and when he died, another took his place. The Mandalorins became officially etinct 6 years after the Battle of Yavin when Bobba Fett, the last of the Mandalorians, was eaten by a Sarlaak in the Dune Seas of Tatooine.
Caderous Ordo, Jaggi Calisar, Jango and Bobba Fett.
作者 LORD REVAN 2005年4月18日


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