It is a man smelling candle.
The mountain pine candle is a mandle because it is man smelling.
作者 depundrcvr 2009年12月27日
The action of management handling a situation as to control spin.
Management didn't want to provide the real reasons for Mary's departure, instead it was mandled without incident.
作者 D'arc S'narc 2009年5月01日
To rough someone up; Man-handle
"Eric was giving me shit, so I mandled that motherfucker"
"Jesus, McNabb really got MANDLED on that play"
作者 Jord421 2007年11月05日
mandle, meaning to be a pwner and or owner, tom wants to be a madle
tom: "hi i want to be a mandle"
gordon: "behind my back a-hole"
作者 mandlelover 2005年1月02日
when a guy wears sandles!! EWW

Johnny wore mandles yesterday
作者 Maybelline 2005年7月13日
"Man handles" i.e. when a fat man's rolls on his sides make for handles you can grab onto.
Jeff finished eating his greasy KFC before I grabbed his mandles.
作者 captain kirks number 2 bowl 2005年10月12日


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