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A manly sandwich, including lots of meat.
I made an awesome Mandwich yesterday!
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作者 Garlickson 2009年8月06日
A threesome with two men and a girl named Mandy.
I participated in a choice Mandwich last night.
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作者 mandy9638 2011年6月29日
A sandwich containing two or more condiments.
The original mandwich was invented in melbourne australia by an austrian and an englishman and contained cheese, mayonnaise (helmanns only) and sweet chilli sauce.
It is eaten at any time of the day and is especially good very early in the morning after a heavy night.
#sandwich #mayonnaise #melbourne #snack #lunch
作者 eGriffin 2010年11月18日
A mandwich, (from the latin word man-san-da-wich)
1. A mandwich is where a group of men engage in sexual fantasys that makes any homo blow their load.
2. There is also another form of mandwich where a giant orgy occurs where a bunch of black men form a cube and various white men act as sprinkles. This is Called a Lamingmandwich.
3. There is one more definition for a mandwich (or someone who is extreamly GAY!) MR JESBURG!!
A mandwich is where one man is samdwich between two other men with a layer of shity cum between each body for taste.
#mr jesburg #jizzy #meat jousting #jac00b #g-banga
作者 Mandwich 2006年7月18日


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