Mang is a religion
I prayed to the Mang gods daily
作者 Logan alphred 2003年12月03日
comes from the word "Mangle" it means to screw something up, to damage something or to be an idiot
(1)You sure manged that up good
(2)Way to mang out and hang out with your girl 24-7
(3)His face looks manged
作者 Jeremy 2003年7月21日
A quick way of saying male G string.
"Holy shit, I put on a mang for my girlfriend for Valentines; I was pulling it out of my ass for days after"
作者 the_random_hero_drew 2009年2月15日
1. What Peter Hu says
2. What people with dots on their forhead says.
Hey mangs, do you want to talk about hot girl at skoo?
作者 kool kid 2005年1月08日
This is how uneducated illegal beaners (Mexicans) say the word "Man".
A illegal alien calls the customer service of a collection agency. He says to the customer service male rep:

"Mang, I forgot to make my paymeng".

or Let's say you dance salsa better than Mexicans and they become surprised and ask you: "Mang, where are you frong?"
作者 joe_vic 2008年7月10日
hard to understand (mangled); unexpected; unforeseen.
(only used in a negative context)
"Mang!". (you wake in the morning to find your genitals have been tampered with)
作者 Mark Warbzzurgg 2006年1月10日
the act of performing mung on a pregnant chick...
i totally wanna mang that bitch
作者 Cthulhu Will Rise 2004年7月27日



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