Being the only one of your gender surronded by many of the oppisite gender or just simply being the oppostie of everyone else around you
your at a party with 11 boys and you are the only girl

a mango in a bowl of apples
作者 dylankk 2012年4月29日
I love mangoes
作者 fleeber 2012年2月04日
An adjective used to describe something as massive or huge.
1. I'm mango excited for the summer!
2. Whoa did you see that woman?? She's mango!
作者 Tolands 2011年7月03日
Throwing items at people for any of the following purposes: a) to express frustration, anger or annoyance b) to get people's asses into gear.
Do you want me to come over and mango your husband for being an ass?

That guy at the press conference in Iraq totally mangoed his shoe at George Bush!
作者 Anna & Somaya 2011年4月15日
A term of endearment for one's friends or bros. Similar to dude and man.
Hey mango you tryin to smoke?
作者 matters123456 2011年2月12日
a word used to guarantee a promise.
joseph: "noah have you seen the snake??"
noah: "no... i have not..."
kevin: "your lying noah.."
joseph:"noah mango it..."
noah: "shit i lied!"
作者 N,K,J,S 2011年1月25日
Someone who's Awesome. Just like a Mango.
What's up Mango?
作者 Kizznez 2010年8月31日



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