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One of the greatest singers in the world, in my opinion
Sure you can sing, but not like Mariah
作者 Christy 2003年4月02日
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She is the Goddess of music. She has a voice that is parralelled by no other. Her contribution to the music industry is amazing. She broke Hip-Hop and Pop boundaries with her song Fantasy with ODB (may he rest in peace) and set the scene for RnB music today with her album Butterfly.
She has the heart of an angel-providing workshops and motivation to underpriviledged kids with Camp Mariah, granting critically ill kids their final wishes with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, reinstitutionalising music programs in public schools across America with the Save The Music Foundation. She has donated the proceeds of her albums and singles to various efforts such as the train disaster in New York in 1993 where she gave ALL the money made from her inspirational song "Hero"(#1). Proceeds from her album "Unplugged" went to charity. Proceeds from her #1 single Thank God I Found You went to the American Adoptive Agency. These are just some of the things she does.

She writes, sings, produces all of her music. She is an artist that CREATES the most magnificant music in all the land!!

She is also one of the funniest people in all the land!!

There is aslo confusion about Mariah's attitude towards certain races and i assure you she is no racist. Her family and herself, were and continue to be victims of racism as her father is African-American and Venezualen and her mother is Irish-American. Mariah has previously toured in the Phillipines and loved it there. Some people also think Mariah is racist against asians, and i assure you that is the furthest from the truth!! Mariah would never entertain racist thoughts, when she and her family experienced great hights of racism, including having there house shot at, their dogs poisoned, and having their car set on fire. She would never treat anyone with less respect or dignity because of their race!!
Fiften #1 singles

Most time spent at #1 than ANYONE, EVER -yes even the beatles and elvis

The Emancipation of Mimi - OUT APRIL!!
作者 MariahMakesMeHappy 2005年3月29日
the best singer in the world, one hot ass chick, best octave range
"That girl can sing! Is she Mariah Carey?"
作者 Rebecca 2003年7月06日
Number one diva.
"Mariah is num-bah-one di-vaa..."
作者 mr. beal 2004年1月18日
A truly amazing singer/songwriter. I dont know how she hits those notes!
Stupid: Mariah can't sing.
Smart: Dude, step out of denial.
Stupid: you're right. Im just jealous.
作者 no-lies 2005年4月07日
Being an exceptional singer.
That girl sings like Mariah Carey because she sings so well.
作者 Turq 2003年9月20日
a hot R&B singer with both ass and tits
Damn look at Mariah Carey
#mariah #mimi #hot #ass #tits
作者 -->~*David*~<-- 2008年4月21日


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