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The girl you always want to get with, but never seem to meet her standards. She is a tease, and keeps you wanting more. If you do end up with her (LUCKY BASTARD), she is an amazing kisser. This girl dreams big, and knows what she wants.
awesome, dreamer, hard to get, marianne
作者 diditagain 2009年3月05日
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An often crazy girl who loves to talk and have fun with her friends. She has style and taste but is often picked on because of jealousy. She has a very logical mind but isn't very creative and does not handel stressful situations well. She longs for love but can never find it as she is a very passionate person and is picky when it comes to finding a partner. She tends to change her mind alot and likes to be in charge/in the lead. She has a strong competitive trait and always compares others to herself. Sometimes she is cocky but usually thinks of others and how they think of her before she says things. Although she will speak her mind and defend herself of family if she feels the need. Do not mess with a Marianne or her family or you will regret even being born.
Wow look at her!
Dont mess with marianne she will kill you
作者 Kitten_muncher 2012年7月04日
1. One who is sexy beyond all reason.

2. One who you wish to do right then and there.
Daymn, Marianne is Sexy as Fuck!!
作者 wuikinuxv 2012年2月16日
She shows up hours late to parties, usually when people begin to leave. She commonly has money flying outside of her car window on the way from work
*comes hours late to the party*
"Hey guys I lost some money on the freeway but I'm ready to party!"

"Well, that's Marianne for ya....."
作者 professoryoseph 2013年11月28日
a girl you would want to introduce to everyone you know. Shes half Swedish and a lover of coffee and sweatpants. She is a hard worker and a lover of working with kids and to help kids have a better life than she did growing up. She is beautiful with pretty eyes and tattoos to match.
that girl is defiantly a Marianne. Her joy for kids stands out so well. Get her a coffee and introduce her to your friends.

look at that girls eyes they are so beautiful, she must be a Marianne.
作者 Marianne Fan 2015年5月20日



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