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The best alternative to slavery.
The local Wal-Mart hired Mexican Labor because they work for minimum wage and don't ask for overtime!
作者 Failure among Canadians 2005年6月08日
job's that every one else isn't dumb enough to do.
i can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to scrap shit off the prota john ceiling. we'll call the mexican labor union's, they are dumb enough to do it.
#shit jobs #retard labor #desperation #hiding place #lawn bow
作者 brok hut 2006年11月09日
crop pickers in mexifornia ( AKA California )
mexican labor no wash hands after handling La Jolla's. not to worry it all gets recycled, comes out in the draft.
#eat #california #mexican #food #sex #music
作者 itichie_nocanpoo 2006年6月09日
anything the lazy white people won't do
mexicans work in da fields because the fuckin white people are too lazy
作者 mexican pride 2005年6月22日


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