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God in a pair of Nikes
作者 Johnny Cockface 2003年9月29日
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the greatest basketball player ever.
作者 wizzle 2003年8月24日
the m'f'ing G.O.A.T.
1985 ROY.
1988 defensive player of the year.
3 time all-star mvp.
10 scoring titles.
6 finals mvp's in 6 championships.
1987, 1988: the dunks. champion.
作者 yawn 2004年2月06日
1. Greatest Basketball player EVER to represent not only Chicago, but the NBA in general.
2. The act of coming back to a sport/hobby/job after announcing retirement/quitting for good.
1. Michael Jordan was one of (if not THE) greatest basketball player of all time!
2. We all thought that he quit skydiving, but he pulled a Michael Jordan on us!
作者 A2P 2005年7月11日
air superiority rolled up in one.
none needed. he's the shit.
作者 F22 2004年8月30日
An electrifying basketball superstar who transformed the pathetic Chicago Bulls into 6-time world champions. ESPN voted him the number one athlete of the century. Every game Jordan would do something spectacular and for 13 seasons he captivated crowds with gravity defying dunks, inspired defence, and dramatic game-winning shots. Every season Jordan improved his game and remained a step ahead of his many foes.
Dude, last night John Starks talked some smack and Michael Jordan lit him up for 55 points.
作者 Mack C 2007年1月15日
The G.O.A.T. of the basketball world
MJ is the greatest of all time
作者 C-Note 2000 2005年5月14日


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