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to eat with great passion or to eat really quickly or to devour
im gonna mogg the shit out of my food
作者 stonerdudefoodlover 2010年1月29日
1)The decaying internal matter of a deceased young female propelled out of her 'lower regions' (thanks helen) by a 'moggee' into the mogger's mouth
alex-"Brooke, you're mogg"
alex,(dazed and concussed)-"OK, you're not mogg"
作者 alex blows donkeys 2003年9月06日
The person recieving the mogg.
No! It's my turn to be mogger!
作者 GoodKittenGoneBad 2003年3月27日
alex's favourite food

matt-hey alex...lets go grab tacos
alex- no hungry for mogg
kat- the moggee
matt-ok may kiss my shoe now alex
alex- ok....*kiss*
作者 afro turtle 2003年9月22日
Slang, for the mogging parter.
Pronunciation: Mogg-E
I don't want to be moggee this week!
作者 GoodKittenGoneBad 2003年3月27日


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