to beat someone really badly
i will mollywop your ass
作者 erin 2003年9月18日
To get your ass kicked
Your about to get straight up mollywhopped, bitch.

作者 C.Bizzle 2003年7月10日
To stike or hit something such as a ball, really good and hard right on the sweet spot!
For example, a guy hits a three hundred yard drive and his buddy says:

"Dude you molly whoped that one!"
作者 thenid 2006年9月05日
To Steal something, Hit something or someone, smack someone, hump someone, take something
Suzie Mollywhopped Johnny Last night in my bed.
Tiff Mollywhopped Simon in the face with her right fist
作者 Spliffany 2006年6月02日
To ejaculate into one's hand and then proceed to facially assault another person, with said hand.
Man1: I saw my ex yo
Man2:what yu do tho
Man1: I molly whop her ass
Man2: damn dats groddy
作者 Beanadrill 2015年7月11日



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