Large, Defined outline of the male/female package.
"Hey, you walkin, trim up that moose-knuckle!"
作者 Radar 2004年3月15日
bearded clam
punani in full effect
作者 wendy 2003年12月15日
see camel-toe
作者 Herb N. Dictionary 2002年10月20日
Rather large vaginal lips that hunger/feed off of panties and denim crotch.
Damnit, I wanna lick her Moose-Knuckle!
作者 daytripa 2003年5月01日
Bush's pathetic padded pelvic package at the aircraft carrier landing.
There were so many sox stuffed into his crotch that his moose-knuckle made it difficult for him to walk around it.
作者 Renee 2003年5月11日



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