The abbreviation for what most men will have at least once, the Number One Wife.
My NOW is gone; it's time to party!
作者 tropical madness 2005年8月02日
Friday Hey can I go to your house on friday?
Dec the Shizz: Yeah!
Dec the Shizz: YES!
Dec the Shizz: NOW! yes cause now is Friday...
Dec the Shizz: you should put this on urban dictionary! the men and women need to know!!!
#friday #now #bacon #diglett #nick
作者 Smakka J 2014年8月27日
Term referring to the present instant.
Get the fuck out of there now.
Now, why the fuck would you do that and think i wouldn't know?
Good job, now i'm fucking livid.
Now i HATE jkhgkhgBENjhhkjhg even more.
Now i never want you to talk to them.
Now, it would have been one thing to just drop by. now, youve really fucked up.
#now #present #instant #them #ben #trashbag
作者 PineappleJuice 2015年2月28日
not on wack - a sane individual
u now, i aint
作者 whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix 2004年1月21日


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