A group from Britan who play freaking awesome Music!
Oh wait, that's the Beatles, Here NBB
Horrible Children with no talent. The sounds they make are similar to Dialga's Cry and a cat that has had each tooth ripped painfull from it's jaw
Stupid Girl: OMG! I went to the naked brothers band concert!! AHHH!!!!!
Girl: What, were you dragged their by Hitler?
作者 ComputerPerson1 2009年8月18日
Even worse than the Jonas Brothers...
I would rather marry the Jonas Brothers than listen to the Naked Brothers Band for .00000001 seconds.
作者 Persephone~ 2009年3月25日
Fucking gay fuckers who fuck each other every nght, and that skanky whore ros-fucking-lina is left out cuz their all homo fucking fruity douchecakeeating queefburger sucking peices of shit whose testicles havent dropped yet. Rosalina once got gang fucked by a gang of 40 bikers and three chewbakas. naked fuckers band
dumass naked brothers band are all trannies, except rosalina who got but fucked so many times that he grew a vagina
作者 i would have been your daddy, 2009年5月06日
the demon spawn of nickolodean(which used to be pure of intentions but that shortly ended when the high elves lost in the war against ronald reagan and osama bin laden) their main objective were to steal the souls of your sons and daughters(usually daughters) and give them the dark overlord voldemort so he may bake a cookie of disaster and feed it to all newborn narwhales. fortunately their attempts were thwarted by the heroic actions of spartan 117, sgt. johnson, and Bob saget who drove them back to the dark hellhole from whence they came.
I am glad the naked brothers band was cancelled.
作者 jorjor218 2011年6月21日
A group of elementary school fags who write songs about love and gfs when their only like 10, obviously following in the shoes of Miley Clitoris; trying to make kids feel they have to get boyfriends and girlfriends at 10 and get prego at 16. They also had a show where they pretend its like reality TV with their Meth-head dad and old hooker caretaker in the Age of Nickelodeon where cartoons like Rugrats and Invader ZIM started disappearing and in came crappy live action teen dramas from TEENnick like Zoey 101 that took over like the 3rd Reich.
Crazy Car sounds like a 4 year old wrote it.
-my thoughts on the naked brothers band
作者 An evil waffle 2010年3月31日
A show about a bunch of faggy elementary school kids whos testicles haven"t dropped yet. The 8 yr old kids goes after an unfortunate 15 year old girl in the band and somehow gets her while the 10 year old goes after 17-18 year olds and can't figure out why he can"t get them. When an idiot parent lets there kid watch a show called NAKED BROTHERS band and they wonder why there kids grow up to be a homo. All i have to say to them is you morons its your own fault for letting your kids watch a show called the NAKED BROTHERS band!!
boy: Can i read this (holds up playboy magazine)
Parents: NO go watch TV the naked brothers band is on
boy: oh Boy!

*10 years later*

boy: Mom i'd like you to meet my boyfriend
作者 XXXhatemylifeXXX 2010年8月29日
A sign of the apocalypse.

It's basically a band full of 6 members that haven't had their testicles drop yet. There is one unlucky girl in the show that seems to have become the love interest of Nat Wolff ever since he got over his fear of cooties. Nat's 8 year old brother, Alex, wears a doo-rag and fake tattoos because what he lacks in reproductive organs he makes up for in bling bling, haterz!

The story is based around Nat and Alex's unsuccessful love life. Oh yeah, and they play crappy music too. Did I mention these kids are 10 and 8? Alex always wonders why 18 year old girls aren't attracted to him. He "left" the band because some whore wouldn't let him see his first set of hooters. In one unfortunate episode Nat received his first kiss by the alien-girl in the band, Rosalina.

When these kids aren't trying to hump the legs of their female producers they write songs with shitty lyrics. Their first single, Crazy Car, was painstakingly bad. Same with the next, and the next, and you guessed it, the next. Nat professed his love for Rosalina with a song named "Rosalina." Yes, and you better believe that song brings the major LOLs.

The acting in this show is mindboggingly awful. If you love your characters constantly reading off a teleprompter then this show is for you, faggot.

I find it scary that parents are offended by the name of the band instead of the bullshit that is being leaked to their children. Please do not let Little Johnny get a gee-tar or drumset because he wants to be like his idol Nat. Just turn off the TV, delete his myspace, and make him read a damn book.
I love how most sites deem the Naked Brothers Band as a "Tween Rocumentary." Fuckers.

I dare you to listen to one of their songs. The instant you put those headphones in your ear you'll be rolling around on the floor in a seizure-like state, foaming at the mouth while at the same time screaming "What the shit."
作者 urmomlol 2007年4月05日


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