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A 'Neil' is a person of awesome intellect who shows good character, charm, wit and good manners in everything he does.
Sean is definetely not a Neil. He is an anti-neil.
作者 Nirm 2007年3月20日
to ruin a perfectly good stream of funny jokes by telling a really bad one.
thanks a lot, you just neiled it.
作者 jabrony 2007年9月16日
A 'neil' is a passionate, good looking, sexy, clever guy who has an amazing out look on life. If you come across a neil, you can be sure your life would change for the better,
' i met a neil today, how lucky am i :)'
作者 sneaky leeky 2010年1月05日
A guy that has very small nuts
neil has small nuts.
作者 Big Dick09 2010年2月03日
shortarse, who uses wikipedia articles in a vain attempt to prove his wacky theories.
If you were any more wrong, you'd be neil
作者 imsol33t 2010年1月12日
One who takes stiff man pole in his butt
"Neil is a bit of a Neil"
作者 Vindaloostew 2007年3月27日
A Specific Noun pretaing to one person such as Tims Dad. It mean Ass whole, or cunt, or Dick Head.
Tim - Agh, my dad is such a neil.

Justin - Agh, tell me about it.
作者 jnikdskgsd 2008年8月18日


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