1. An absence of anything/something.
2. A reply used when a person doesn't feel like explaining themselves.
3. When something is wrong but a person doesn't want to admit it, often used in conjunction with words such as okay and fine
In the black there was nothing.

Person one: What're you doing?
Person two: Nothing (as they continue to do something)

Nothing is wrong, I'm fine.
作者 larry says hi 2005年10月14日
this \/
nothing here

really nothing
作者 McTreevil 2015年1月07日
Something non-existant.

The oppostite of something.
Nothing is inbetween the arrows > <.
作者 _____nothing__________________ 2009年6月16日
What Atheists believe is the cause of the universe
'What is the cause of the Big Bang?'
'Ah, so the same thing I had for lunch today'
作者 NorwegianNorwayLover 2014年8月16日
No thing, according to Wikipedia
Jeff: What is this? *points at thin air*
Brian: Nothing.
作者 TheBrony27 2013年6月15日
when you get intimate with a significant other in the backseat of a car
(phone) "Hey son, what are you doing?"
"Oh uh...nothing."
"Oh, okay."
作者 yhjuik 2010年2月03日
作者 exekyutiv 2015年2月19日
The answer people give to others after they have asked what they were saying when they weren't even paying attention
" What?" (cricket cricket) " Nothing. . . "
作者 LovethisAJ 2015年2月10日



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