A term illiterate people use in place of anything. Can lead to you going to jail.
Suspected Criminal: "I dint do nothing!"
Police: "Thank God, we could have been here all night if you didn't fess up!"
作者 Alianstr 2009年3月17日
There is allways zero-point radiance.
As there is no nothing, there can be no example of nothing.
作者 Ravek 2004年3月20日
It is what everything else isn't. Everything else is somehting so the other thing is nothing.
Nothing is nothing, so nothing doesn't exist and there is not not not nothing. Everyting is something.
作者 Turd Ferguson 2004年1月29日
Rubbish Tasks; Checking Email Watering grass
Watcha up too? Nothin!
作者 Freddy 2003年6月14日
the punchline to a very tastless joke
whats better than having sex with an 11 year old asian boy?

作者 h bizzle 5 shizzle 2005年2月25日
the piece of skin between the vagina and the anus
She had a piece of toilet paper stuck on her nothing
作者 BigAnt 2008年3月28日
What most people who post on this sits lives are worth.
Stop playing so much CS fag.
作者 the kkk rocks 2003年5月07日



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