of course
oc you're an idiot!
作者 kooshball 2003年8月15日
ocean citey maryland where all the girl go to get drunk and have sex with me!
man last time i went to oc i was so trashed i woke up and this chick i slept wiht pissed the bed!
作者 mark 2004年4月08日
the best show ever
the oc on fox wed. nights is the best show ever
作者 jenna 2004年4月14日
1. The Best Show ever on FOX
2. Orange County, California, The REAL OC.
Orange County is a largly Republican Area of Southern California.

Disneyland is in Orange County.
作者 eMiLy <3 2004年5月19日
premature ejaculation, that is, to cum "Out (of) Cunt"
I was in such a hurry with her that I OC'd.
作者 Jake 2004年3月24日
It's a abbreviation (Was that spelled right?) for Original Character.
Have you seen my new OC? Oh,I bet you've not heard of this fandom before.
作者 sorryimreading 2015年7月01日



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