Original Granny- Old ladies of the future with tatoos & listen to rap music.
Our Mom is the O.G.
作者 Aunt Wild & Aunt Tess 2011年10月06日
Stands for "Original Gangster".
That girl Casey is an OG right there!
作者 C-swizzle fo shizzle 2010年11月06日
Abbreviation of Original Gangsta. First used by Ice T, with his 1991 album "O.G original gangster", and later adopted by gangsta rappers to refer to an old gangster.
Stupid gangsta rapper: I'm THE o.g
Smart underground hip hop artist: No gangsta can be original, they are all the same.
作者 Shakmaveli 2010年6月09日
O.G. is an acronym standing for ORIGINAL GANGSTER. people and things can be described using O.G. as an adjective. it is almost always associated positivley.
shit, that ninja turtles digital watch is O.G.!

that N.W.A joint is so O.G.
作者 415beez 2006年5月28日
The original gangster
Boy 1" Daaaaamn man he the og
Boy 2" I know man we be da ogs toghter
作者 CDogg84 2015年11月04日
OG- n, adj. Original Gangster; "Original Gangsta", a gangster that stays true to himself and his set.
Damn, that homie is an og!
作者 ogjemcintyre 2014年10月10日
It is the abbreviation of original gangster
"Please I'm the real OG, son!"
作者 Lil angel 2015年7月02日



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