Oh-ies (AKA Ohies) (n.) 1. The first decade of a century.
September 11th of 2001, the wars in Iraq and the inauguration of President Barack Obama are several events that helped define the oh-ies.
#the first decade of a century #time #10-year-period #september-11th-2001 #iraq war #afghanistan war #katrina #president george w. bush #president barack obama
作者 Kurtisbadical 2009年12月08日
Top Definition
Oh Hell Yeah! Use as you wish.
Are you from Texas? Oh Hell Yeah!
作者 Texan 2004年8月14日
Oh hell yes!
OHY! I just found one hundred dollars!
#hell yes #fuck ya #yes! #damn #woo hoo!
作者 VSAC 2009年7月15日
a weird sex noise.
please hit this ass harder OHY!!!
作者 samantha 2004年3月07日
The process of saying "Oh yeah" in a VERY, VERY fast manner.
a: "Dude, didn't Perez collect the homework?"
b: "OHY"
作者 OHY 2003年3月12日


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