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Orange Juice
Yo Yo! pass me a OJ G!
作者 Arya F 2003年4月03日
1. To violently slash with a knife or other sharp instrument. (In particular, to slash a person's neck from ear to ear with a knife to the extent that they are almost decapitated.)

2. To kill.
It's a shame that OJ decided to OJ those two people.
作者 jfk 2004年7月16日
Getting away with something big.
Oh man, you OJ'd that exam!
作者 Derm 2003年11月28日
A little known word meaning a crazy nymphomaniac from scotland
Ohhhh she is such an OJ
作者 wee pixi chick 2006年7月03日
We all know he did it.
O.J. Simpson. We know you really killed your wife. None of that 'glove can't fit' bullshit.
作者 rock fan. 2003年2月18日
An abbreviation for ostrich juice used by Uberhaxornova.
Person 1: "Hey, what are you drinking?"
Person 2: "Just some OJ."
Person 1: "Ah, ostrich juice."
Person 2: "What..."
作者 SavLynn 2011年11月07日
Abbrevation of orange juice
That's tasty o. j.
Can I have some more o. j.
作者 zorkA 2007年1月31日


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