a slang term for nike air force ones
im bout to go get me some fresh ones
作者 daeze 2005年6月23日
Slang term from being on your own.
Looks like im on my ones then...
作者 DaveG217 2006年9月05日
l33tsp33k replacement for the exclamation mark. Originates to the common typo in which a "1" is typed instead of an exclamation mark, as a result of the shift key not being held down. This evolved into the current derivative where the term "one" is fully typed.
作者 EJL 2004年12月28日
A unit of sex, although with no concrete definition. This can be given or slipped.
"Have you seen that Kate Moss. She's got tits like fried eggs but I'd certainly slip her one."

Mario: "How many marks would you give Princess Peach, out of two?"

Luigi: "Hmm. I'd give her one."

作者 HMB 2003年7月12日
A term one uses when departing. It's similar to saying "peace" when you're about to step out.
Aiight bro I got some errands to go catch up on. Catch u lata. One.
作者 GMoney 2003年4月18日
Slang For Nike Air Force One sneakers.
Yo bitch!! u just stepped on my Ones!!!!
作者 D~Legal 2005年6月29日
Metallica's first music video, classic song which was attempted by the shitty band Korn and fucked up.
One is a great song.
作者 touch my nipples 2003年5月25日



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