A group of five Haploid Zygotes who will soon turn into Gaymetophytes
One Direction:

Louis Zygote

Harry Zygote

Niall Zygote

Zayn Zygote

Liam Zygote
作者 Tomlingay 2012年6月01日
A band that makes parents go the other direction
Teens love One Direction.
作者 Fieldhockey90315 2014年12月31日
A stupid crap pop band that sound like a frog and a cat with rabies mating in a pit of spikes covered inn acid when they sing
one direction suck big time
作者 AmazingLlamaisnotonfire 2015年8月02日
A gay, horrible-sounding band straight from the U.K., and the worst thing to come out of Great Britain yet. The fangirls of this band are usually also obsessed with Five Seconds of Summer, a gay Australian band, as they can`t seem to see the difference between them. These fangirls often have strange fantasies of them and aforesaid bands in fanfictions, and can`t stop thinking of them. Often annoy people who live in the real world and are the absolute definition of annoying for guys who wish they had the power to destroy those bands and their fangirls with slow, painful deaths.
Le Random Fangirl: "Umg I luv one direction and five seconds of summer they so hawt"
Me: "I`m about to pimp-slap you. Get real for god's sake."
作者 The wise One 2015年3月07日
Fifty shades of fucked-up.
"One Direction is the shadiest band of all time".
作者 Wallflower56 2015年8月08日
One Direction (1D) is a group of "men" that have questionable sexual orientation. The fanbase of 1D consists of rabid females that males question their intelligence. The infection called "One Direction Infection" is as of now incurable, but any person who has it should be promptly put into solitary confinement until signs of a normal human-being to be regained. 1D, like 5 Seconds of Summer, sells over priced merchandise to the little school girls that "love" them.
Guy: "One Direction! More like One More Goddamn Boyband Fag Group!"

Girl: "I'll beat the living shit out of you for saying those words!"

Guy: "You can't be cured you little cunt!"
作者 FelixHunter 2014年11月23日
A four-piece, British-Irish band that formed July 23, 2010 on the X-Factor. The band consists of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. There used to be a fifth sex god, Zain Zayn Malik, but he exited the band on March 25, 2015. The four remaining beautiful sex gods are currently on their 'On the Road Again Tour' otherwise known as OTRA.
Directionator: One Direction is so stupid.

Directioner: Want to say that again to my fist?
作者 darkinsomnia 2015年10月14日



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