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Lieing sack of shit
作者 Anonymous 2003年11月03日
A nickname that is typically used by blacks to refer to any white male.
This modern usage of "Opie" is most likely derived from the character Opie Taylor (played by Ron Howard) on "The Andy Griffith Show" who was the hick son of a hick sherriff in a hick town called Mayberry.
Others characters on this show have also spawned modern nicknames (See Gomer Pyle, Goober Pyle, Aunt Bea, Barney Fife).
Yo, check out Opie over there.
作者 Ken111 2005年12月26日
A derogatory term for generic white Americans. Generally reserved for males of the species, it can also be modified to "Hoe-pie" for white women.
"I can't shop at The Gap or Eddie Bauer. Those stores are strictly for the Opies."
作者 IncogNegro (FC) 2002年11月22日
Common nickname for red headed white males.
He's a redheaded, opie-looking fella
作者 Opie Wan 2007年3月08日
A retarded person
Rick is a freaking opie
作者 Kilomax 2015年4月04日
The opester.....A.K.A the king of tanks....A.K.A FRAGOpie.....A.K.A WKA Opie
man, i just got rocked by opie
作者 anon 2004年3月05日
A young virgin. Usually very vunerable.
After we captured the male cheerleader, he was no longer an Opie.
作者 Dog lova 2008年10月15日



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