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A term used to describe a hybrid between the penis and the vagina.

Can be used to refer to birth defects that result from inter-familial childbirth.
Tom and his cousin Shelley had sex. The baby had a paginis.

I was having intercourse with Johnny, but we had to stop. I didn't know what to do with his paginis.
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作者 Clever&Witty 2011年6月16日
The world's first gender neutral insult. The gender neutral equivalent for douche bag.
KZ: Man, did you see that guy cutting me off on the highway?
MJ: Yah, he's being a real paginis!
#paginis #douche bag #tool #douche #dick head
作者 zmkj 2009年9月05日
a paginis is what your broster has; so if you want to sexually pleasure your sibiling you eack (eat/suck) your siblings paginis
eat my paginis
#awesome #suck #eat #pussy #sex
作者 _shifty 2014年2月16日
When a person, man or woman, has both a penis and a vagina, it is known as a paginis.
Person 1: Hey, the blonde chic over there, I'm going to ask her out!

Person 2: Dude, you might end up with a two person threesome...

Person 1: Huh?

Person 2: Dude, she has a paginis!
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作者 SaphiraAmore 2012年2月22日
a girls sexual orphase
i stuck my peni in her pagini
作者 Anonymous 2003年9月01日
Epicena Vacuus, also known as Paginis, is a very rare disorder that develops in the womb. For unexplained reasons, the sex chromosomes take the form of "Z" resulting in a sexless individual. Those who suffer from Paginis have neither sex organ and develop no distinguishing traits.
-Many Stick Figures are portrayed with Paginis.
-Hillary Clinton has Paginis
#without #penis #vagina #breasts #mutation #sexual #epicena #vacuus
作者 Dr. Geofery Ritzgen 2008年12月28日
The mysterious combination of a penis and a vagina that is found on certain intersexes and hermaphrodites. An organ that can neither be classified as a really huge clitoris or a really small penis. Fused labia can only be deferentiated from a tiny scrotum by poking around for testies and/or ovaries.

Not to be confused with the vapena, the pegina, or the vagipenialginas
You - what the heck it that?
Hermaphrodite - oh, that's my paginis, do you like it?
You - I'm not sure. How does it work?
#hermaphrodite #ambiguous genitals #intersexes #ovotestes #congenital adrenal hyperplasia
作者 Maggie the Cat 2005年9月22日


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