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The male sex organ (known as a schlong; dick; or in Old English, a penis) of humans living in Italy or of Italian descent.
Giovanni's girlfriend slapped him when he whipped his panini onto her face.
作者 thestorer 2009年5月26日
the description of a bitch as she trips
that bitch just did a panini *trips*
作者 SURI 2013年3月09日
A hot mess stuffed in some bread.
Donna: What a panini.
作者 MojoJojo 2013年5月20日
Like vajayjay is for vagina, but for penis.
That guy is such a panini.
作者 Peter the Vegan 2008年2月13日
A name for the sexiest Canadian alive.
Have you ever seen panini? FUCK is she hot.
作者 Kano >_> 2009年8月06日
a cute word meaning small penis
omg he had such a panini i couldnt even feel it.
作者 lislut 2008年10月06日
1. Disgusting vadge.
2. To clamp onto someone like a panini grill, and then bagel them forcefully.
1. Urghh! Look at her panini! / Jesi! Have u seen her panini?!?! She's not getting any salmon tonight!

2. OMG! That guy from number 6 just paninied me in the street.
作者 flashermonkey 2004年4月30日


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