now this is something that everyone should know! a girl's best friend, duh!
Jamie was so happy because Don got her pearls for her birthday.
作者 The Bombdiggietest 2007年2月08日
Another word for chromed out 20" rims.
Damn check out them pearls on that ride.
作者 Mrsschmidt 2008年8月08日
another word for balls
shut up boy, im giving u pearls here.
作者 FhillyMan 2003年7月28日
It is an acronym for "Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic". It was proposed by the scientist and youtuber Thunderf00t as a more apt name for atheists.
A P.E.A.R.L. does not believe in things for which there is inadequate evidence eg. god.
作者 Anti-life equation 2014年12月05日



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