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Describes something as very good. Used mainly by the British teenagers and the LPcool.
"Did you watch Ali G last night?"
"Yeah mate, it was quality"
作者 Louie Kay 2007年3月10日
Superior, or top of the line.
Rupert that stamp collection is quality.
作者 TrevDawg 2003年10月14日
Off-model/poorly drawn animation in a show or movie.
Wow, last night's episode of x had some major QUALITY. Fail.
作者 IndexAnna 2010年8月24日
When there are no higher words to use. Perfect to use in comical situations.
Like you may have just passed someone with a "quality" mullet, or what that person said when they were waiting on you, but you didn't want to laugh in their face. That my friend was a "quality moment" possibilities are endless....
作者 Crittercratter 2005年12月01日
Term used to describe something good
1)Did you watch the match last night?

"Yeah man it was quality"

2)"Wow she's hot that's quality man"

3)"That your new car damm that's quality"
作者 Harry69 2010年6月26日
when something is really amazing or good, the word mint also means kinda the same!
she is 'quality',that car is 'quality',that lesson was 'quality'
作者 nina ellis-feather 2006年1月29日
good, pimped, kick ass.
That bud was quality
作者 d bob 2003年5月31日



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