1) To inhale marijuana smoke (usually from a bong).
2) To extract the data on a CD or DVD to a hard disk.
1) Holy shit, Eric, that was the biggest bong rip I've ever seen!
2) Do you mind if I borrow and rip that CD?
作者 Geist 2005年5月07日
Top Definition
rest in peace
RIP (anyone)
作者 Snoopy to the D-O-double-G 2004年1月31日
(verb) to inhale a hit of marijuana
Can I have a rip off that doobie?
作者 Anonymous 2002年11月15日
Rest In Peace you dumbasses...
R.I.P. Pac, Biggie, and Pun
作者 L Dizzle 2005年4月14日
v. to use software to turn songs on a cd into mp3s ready for download
v. to get taken or cheated
Mike ripped the whole Ludacris cd and put it on Kazaa before it came out in stores.

That bitch sold me fake Guccis! I got so ripped off!
作者 dmplesUT 2002年12月12日
To fart, in the bad way.
Did you just rip one?
作者 Boobs 2003年4月09日


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