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The acronym for the most epic game in the known world. Robot Unicorn Attack.
'hey what are you doing tonight?'
dunno, might just play some RUA.'
作者 HaveTheWaffle (>'')> # 2010年7月20日
Acronym for "Rough, Unprotected Anal Sex"
S. broke up with him cause all he wanted was RUAS.
作者 Roger's Gay Taxi 2005年9月14日
Are you alone? When you need to find out if someone you are messaging is alone.
A: Wot u doin 2nit?
B: rua
A: no
B: I'll tell u 2moz
作者 Dougie X 2007年5月17日
a fat man. lonely and fat.
your rua
作者 gwomen 2009年3月09日


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