Classist way of calling someone brash and ignorant. When good looking guys go for ugly, rachet girls it really makes me question them.
That Haley girl is so rachet.
作者 Leto998 2015年4月07日
Another name for a hand gun.

Made famous by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan. Just another name for gun, gat, heat, heater etc
"Keep your rachet on your waist"
作者 Dizzy 2004年11月28日
The word is mostly used in lousiana it means nasty.
can used as a name for a gun.
can mean crazy but usually just nasty.
we was gettin rachet last night.
girl you is just rachet get away from me.

man1:you got yo rachet?
man2:yeah lets pop these fools.
作者 m21 2009年6月19日
Noun: (Idea, state of mind)

During a gathering of a group of "Bros" a story is told about an epic and intense event that had previously occurred and due to the intensity and the amount of adrenaline that was pumped the action was rachet

Also: If an action was committed in epic the term rachet is used to describe how it got done in epic circumstance.

Describing the circumstance of an awesome event.
That Babe was so rachet in bed, we got that shit done right.

We were going so fast down the hill, I mean it was so rachet.
作者 Urban Williams 2009年12月02日
the ugliest u can get the rachetest of them all.
Bjays girl is rachet
作者 gtown g 2009年1月14日
a big ass
not that pancake shit
damn rita got a rachet ;)
作者 arggggggggg 2006年1月07日
Another word for a gun
Ima bout to go get the rachet son
作者 Lacole 2007年5月02日



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