An uncontrollable female who is loud and obnoxious. She is usually black and says smart ass remarks to everything one says. Annoys the hell out of everyone and is usually clasified as a hoe.
That party last night had hella ratchets there.
作者 aklsdjfnasdfj 2012年3月19日
Breanna D
-whos that one ratchet girl
-you mean Breanna D
作者 swag wafflez 2013年12月28日
Abraham Felix
Abraham Felix is a ratchet.
作者 yopimpdaddy69 2013年11月19日
A ratchet is a dirty trick who looks like he or she has been walking the streets for days without showering but still insists on hitting on everyone in sight
Oh my gosh have you seen Anoop?! He's such a ratchet! Ewwwwwww.
作者 NotRatchetttt 2013年9月10日
Miley Cyrus.
Did you see the ratchet performance at the VMA's? It must've been Miley Cyrus.
作者 RealisticDefiner 2013年8月26日
Julianna Caldwell
Julianna caldwell is a fucking ratchet ass bitch
作者 pattyycake 2013年6月17日
A person who is characterized as "dirty" or "ghetto". It is another way to describe someone who is trashy. Someone who is ratchet is usually perceived as undesirable and unappealing.
"Hey, did you see that girl walking down the street?"
"Yea! She was so ratchet! Her feet were dirty and her weave was falling out."
作者 gnacretral 2013年3月08日



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