it means so out of control that they are the coolest person ever.
That female at NSO was so ratchet everybody wanted to hang with her.
作者 nsovolunteer 2011年6月24日
an extremely ugly girl. there are 3 levels.
level 1- buttahead
level 2-muud duck
level3- ratchet.
*krislee walked into the room* jimmy said yo look at that buttahead.
*Chey came in*bianca responded she a ratchet.
作者 soccergal 2006年6月07日
a term used to descride an old dirty black hoe
that bitch is a ratchet.
作者 eazynsleazy 2011年11月10日
awsome, kickass at whatever they are diong or at everthing in general
Micheal Jordon is ratchet at basketball
作者 Rocco Mangin 2007年4月18日
to be someone with mood swings, going back and forth between decisions.
Yo that girl is a ratchet! How you live with her?
作者 urbdict1 2005年4月19日
A knife, usually a switchblade
"..if I ain't grab the ratchet & let them cowards have it"
作者 nate diggity 2005年3月09日
v: Term used to describe when a persons teeth get knocked out by somebody else
Dude! that kid got ratcheted bad last night!

Man i wish i could ratchet someone right now.
作者 Taro Baap 2007年2月19日



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