Top Definition do the nasty
作者 ME 2003年5月15日
bang, hump, sex
torrie romped me
作者 jess 2003年8月14日
a sexual action
torrie romped me
作者 jess 2003年8月14日
1. To chill.
2. To blaze.
3. To rock.
4. To have sex.

Can be also be said "rompING, rompER, or rompED"
"Yo man, lets just go romp."
"Shit I'm burning out, lets go romp agian"
"That dude is so cool, he fucking ROMPS!"
"Remeber that chick I was talking to last night? Ya, we romped HARD."
作者 Layla Jane Ward 2007年12月28日
to have sexual intercourse
Yo i romped your bitch last night
作者 LEAH 2002年12月23日
vb. To romp, romped

Romping is the simultaneous action of silently burping and experiencing a subtle reflux of vomit in your mouth. Romping is usually accompanied by a bad acidic after taste.

One romps for a number of reasons including over eating, over drinking, over exercizing and situations of sheer disgust.
"Yesterday I had meatballs for lunch and romped half way through a sesh at Barry's Bootcamp"
作者 MVCrew16 2016年5月30日


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