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In one word...gangster. You have never seen, heard, or witnessed anyone as hardcore as Roscoe Watson. He has been shot 13 times, stabbed 7 times, and he was even hit by an undercover cop driving a Nissan Maxima. This cat will never be killed. He is too gangster even for most so called "thugs" today. People in federal prison will not even bring up his name. Roscoe Watson is a man among men. He is what the TV show Gangland is too scared to do a show about. He is one bad motha f****
Yo, what happened over at the south side projects last night? Roscoe Watson is what happened. Oh, that explains everything.
#rosco #watsen #gangsta #gangster #motherfucker #hardcore #thug #rapper #hiphop #prison #tootie #gullen
作者 Fuzzy Cuzzy 2010年8月17日
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