That 1967 Chevy Impala is saf
作者 TessaLynnK 2014年3月29日
adj. <("saahfph")>
Also written as S.A.F. is an abbreviation of Shady/Sketchy As Fuck.
Yo this alleyway is mad saf bro.
作者 term-inatorv2 2014年5月03日
Salty As Fuck
Hope and Kean were SAF when they got ditched!

Feeling pretty SAF when i missed the game winning shot.
作者 mzilllllaaaaxo 2010年12月21日
Stupid as fuck
"Dude, Coach miller is SAF"
作者 thatgirlevie 2012年1月20日
Sorry As Fuck. Pathetic, worthless, laughable.
You've been here for 3 months and haven't even TRIED to get a job? Rent is due. That's S. A. F.
作者 mmmew 2010年3月05日
straight across face
a blank expression
like on the msn emoticon


"I had a saf"
"He knocked my drink over and i was like SAF"
"This meal equates to saf."
作者 gembomb 2009年5月24日
Swerve af
Teja is so saf
作者 baylife 2013年3月27日



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