A synonym for the term 'You just got owned!'
Josh- Well Averie, you are just a big lying skank with no friends and I just wanted to let you that the guy you cheated on me with has herpes.

Everybody in hearing range- OOOOOOOOH SALT
作者 ToniTheTiger 2011年5月13日
Acronym for Sex At Lunch Time.
We had salt in his office on the desk.
作者 givememore 2008年9月24日
Smiled A Little Then Stopped
Instead of saying LOL you should start saying SALTS
作者 Teen_Words123 2015年3月07日
Means that you feel stupid, blonde moment,you got "told"
Guytano ran into a door and broke his nose, *everyone around him yells SALT*
作者 Indicud 2014年5月13日
smiled a little then stopped
in stead of saying L.O.L and lying to the person you are texting and you self say S.A.L.T.S.
作者 crazy_panda28 2014年3月15日
Smiled A Little, Then Stopped. A more accurate acronym for those who use "LOL" too much.
Person 1: (Posts humorous picture, but not humorous enough to laugh audibly)
Person 2: "salts"
Person 3: "salts???"
Person 2: "smiled a little, then stopped"
Person 1: "makes sense lol"
Person 3: "lol oh okay lol"
作者 dbrickishawfurgesun 2013年12月06日
When something didn't make you LOL, you just smiled-a-little-then-stopped.
Jen: I didn't get any sleep last night.
Brian: I can relate to that! salts
作者 Awynt 2013年7月08日



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